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Responses to the Bagwell Conspiracy!
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Responses to The Bagwell Conspiracy
by Asher B. Chancey, BaseballEvolution.com
April 16, 2006

A couple of years ago, I wrote a satirical article in which I poked fun at the rampant accusations of steroid use which were plaguing Major League Baseball. In my article, The Bagwell Conspiracy, I concocted a scenario in which Jeff Bagwell was at the epicenter of the steroids controversy, as the originator of steroid usage in baseball. The article was more of a connect the dots than anything else, but it was fun to write, and people I showed it to enjoyed it.

Well, I guess with Jeff Bagwell's recent flirtation with retirement, and the news about the Astros' battle with their insurance company, people must have been Google-ing Jeff Bagwell over and over, and I guess they stumbled onto my article, because in the past month alone I have received more emails on this topic alone than I have ever received in nearly two years we have been doing this website combined

Anyway, here is just a sampling of the emails I have received, ranging from utter disgust to complete belief. For what it is worth, I have responded to every email I received on the issue, and no matter what the disposition of the person emailing, everyone has been gracious when I have told them that it was a hoax. Now I know how Orson Wells felt!

Is the Bagwell Conspiracy Article Serious?, and either way, how did it not get more attention?

It is pretty timely now. And maybe more believable in spots than "Game of Shadows". It's funny, my friends and I have, from time to time, played the "Does He or Doesn't He?" game also and many of the same names popped up. I guess only their trainers know for sure.

Would you mind if I post it on my blog/discussion board? I'll reference the baseballevolution site also.

Great site by the way.


Heresay or physical evidence? I suspect that the Mitchell probe will uncover this vast Astro-conspiracy or prove it to be false.

Personally, I could care less whether he used or didn't, distributed or didn't, 'cheated' or didn't. Last time I checked, steroids do not improve hand-eye coordination, do not encourage a hitter to stand in longer and keep weight back under the face of wicked breaking pitches (steroid enhanced?), nor did they transform a mediocre player (Inky, Rhodes, Servais, etc.) into an All-Star. If they prolonged the career of a Tony Gwynn or helped Barry Bonds to achieve his legendary status, so be it.

All I know is that players from the pre-steroid era did not play against the best athletes from around the globe, did not play against 7th, 8th, and 9th inning pitching specialists, did not play on a racially level field, did not face the same travel challenges as current players, and did not face the never ending media spotlight inherent to today's game.

I guess I am writing to say to you that while you pose an interesting theory, all it does is besmirch the character of one of baseball's 'good guys'. And to what end? Bagwell is now retired. Will the game be better off without him? Personally, I think not.


Interesting article...interesting and, until you can provide proof, laughable. I wonder how Jeff's attorney's going to enjoy the garbage research you've done?


If it makes you feel better, I got the joke when I read the piece the first time I checked out your site.


I heard about this conspiracy from a local sports radio show, and so I decided to read it. It is really amazing and can see how this could be all true. My question is how do you know all the information that you are quoted as saying in the article???

Also, you never mentioned if craig biggio, berkman, etc. juiced up also. Do you have any evidence of that? Bagwell & Biggio are really tight; so I thought. Also, where was bagwell getting his juice from? Do you see baseball or congress eventually coming after jeff, and realizing he started this whole pandora's box???

Again, very interesting article and living here in houston and being an astros fan; it is very good to know. I appreciate all your feedback.


Joe Carter's walk off home run was in Game 6 of the '93 World Series, not game 7 as you have written.


I read your article about Jeff Bagwell and steriods. Could you share with me the research and sources you may have used? I'm a long time Houstonian and Bagwell fan.


Interesting article, although it is clear that you are "forcing" a lot of pieces together to fit the story that you want.

Oh, and it is possible for a player to actually improve in baseball without juice. Here are some ideas you should research:

- practice
- coaching (i.e, the hitting coach and other players assisting a player with swing mechanics)
- working out

Just because a player goes from zero homeruns to eleven homeruns in a season doesn't make me scream "Oh my God he's juicing!!!!".


That was an amazing article on Bagwell. I am from Houston and had no clue that the team was “juiced”. Do you think Biggio and Berkman still are? I realize you probably can’t say but how did you get all of that information. I do believe it!


After all that has come out of all the steroid talks. Do you still believe that Bagwell is the root of all this. I am just asking because it does seem far fetched. Your "acrticle" seem to lack hard proof and a lot more fiction. Anyway I guess you are a big McGwire fan and you also failed to mention Canseco.


I re-read the Bagwell article. Do you really think John Olerud took steroids? I mean, Bret Boone, no brainer. But Olerud didn't seem like he had the physical attributes like the rest who obviously take steroids. I just find it strange to think about. He always seemed relatively consistent up until the last year before his release from the Mariners.

Also, I know, obviously, what a big fan you are of Barry Bonds. You understand, I assume, that he takes steroids, or at least the shadow of the possibility has always been around (if we don't want to be accusatory). Does a players' steroid use affect your ability to idolize him and be a fan?

Disagree with something? Got something to add? Wanna bring up something totally new? Asher resides in Alexandria, VA, and can be reached at asher@baseballevolution.com.

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