Bryan 12/10/2003


Question- on OTL last night, they were referring to Nomar as a "future hall of famer." Would you feel comfortable saying that like it's a foregone conclusion?


Asher 12/11/2003


Answer - negative - Nomar, at this point, may or may not make the hall of fame; this is a guy who could go to Anaheim, suffer an injury that plagues him for a whole season, and never be effective again; at this point, his credentials would not get him into the hall, unlike, say, Ken Griffey Jr. who has been a sure thing since about 1998 and whose time with the Reds, while detrimental to his first ballot odds, as not changed the fact that he will walk into the Hall.


technically, ARod's career could end tomorrow and I think he only PROBABLY gets in. And Nomar ain't no ARod.


What the hell is OTL?